Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays

Takin' it pretty easy here in Tank Town. A coupla shows before the holidays:

Thursday 12/17/09-Opening for STEMs at the Apollo 830pm. STEMs is a conceptual show featuring our good friends Chris Beach, Drew Frees, and Will Miles.

Sunday 12/20/09-Entertaining Julia at Town Hall Pub 9pm. Performing in Beth Stelling and the Puterbaugh's Christmas Spectacular with Adam Burke, and Chad Briggs. Free giveaways: flat screen TV, IPOD shuffles, and dates with performers.

Other than that, head to our respective corners of the continent before gearing up for Pistol Party 6.0: This Show is a Space Buffet!!?! (Jan. 5th Town Hall Pub 9pm) and our Chicago Sketchfest performance on Thursday Jan. 7th with Hey You Millionaires at 8pm to kick off the festival.

Here's Paul being homeless:

and here's Drew, from Pistol Party, giving stand up lessons to John, from Pistol Party:

If we don't see you this weekend, have a good holidaze, and we'll see you in '010.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Turkey Week...

One of the best weeks of the year is here, and Think Tank cannot wait to celebrate it. Don't forget that Pistol Party 5.0 "Winter Formal: Under the Sea" is Tuesday Dec. 1. Break out the formal wear (tuxes, old braidsmaid dresses, etc.) and get out to Town Hall at 9pm.

Also, we just found out that we will be back at Chicago Sketchfest 2010 on Thursday Jan. 7th with Chicago sketch veterans Hey You Millionaires. Gonna be a fun one.

Speaking of delicious foods and Sketchfest, here's a little nugget of joy from Sketchfest 2009 to keep you thinking about the holiday ahead:

SOUP Chicago Sketchfest 2009 from Think Tank on Vimeo.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pretty good weekend....

A huge thanks to the Lakewood Manor Players for letting us join them on their Spectacular Comedy Spectacle. Two amazing nights. Check them out at We'll be hiding out and writing for a couple of weeks but here are a couple of videos to keep you smiling. Don't forget about Pistol Party 5.0 on December 1st at Town Hall Pub. The theme is Winter Formal "Under the Sea." Dress accordingly. PBR sponsors....expect free stuff.

Pretty Good Weekend (Pistol Party 3.o)

Metaphors (Brent with Drew Frees at Pistol Party 2.0)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tank full o' News

Hey Kids

Is it summer yet?'s September? Well then, my my.
There's a bunch of stuff going on in the Think Tank world I thought I'd share with you folks. First off we'd like to thank everyone who's come out to the first two Pistol Party installments. Boy oh boy Tuesday night's 2.0 was a blast.
Next Pistol Party will be Oct. 6th at Town Hall Pub.
Pistol Party 1.0

In other news, Kevin has been busy with a fantastic play with Halcyon Theatre called Lorca in a Green Dress. This play deals with the tragic life and death of Federico Garcia Lorca, widely considered one of Spain's most influential poets and playwrights. The show runs Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm at Lincoln Square Theatre. For ticket and show info, click HERE. Oh, and Kevin's not funny in this show. Maybe he's not funny in a lot of shows, but definitely not in this one.
Lorca in a Green Dress

Next Thursday, September 10th, Paul will be hosting the Pabst Blue-Ribbon Brawl at Logan Square Auditorium. This should be a hilarious night of pro-wrestling silliness, beer, and PBR giveaways.

And finally, in case you missed Pistol Party 1.0 and 2.0, our dear friend and colleague in comedy, Mindy Tindle recently did some traveling and documented both her preparation for her journey as well as the journey itself. Enjoy!

Mindy Episode 1 from Think Tank on Vimeo.

Mindy Episode 2 from Think Tank on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the next big thing....

Hello, faithful! Just a note to let you know that Think Tank are currently collaborating with 2 of our best friends and comedic heroes (Drew Frees and John Leadley) for a monthly run called Pistol Party at our favorite pub, Town Hall Pub. Our favorite bartender (Julia) will be there and it promises to be better than the time the hogs ate your brother. It goes down THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH and the whole sha-bang is hosted by PBR. There will be give-aways, free beer, parades, contests, dance-offs galore...oh yeah...and comedy. We kick this off on Tuesday, Aug. 4th and the Pistol Party will go down every first Tuesday after that.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fun

So it's Friday. I'm at work and don't want to be. It's probably time to waste away the day watching videos. So, if you've tired yourself of watching Think Tank videos over and over, here are some glorious little gems I've been tickled by recently.

Monkey on a Segway... I mean that's really enough to brighten your day.

If you've never seen any Look Around You, you must. Hilarious BBC show now on Adult Swim as well. Here's classic Tony Rudd performing his best guess of what music from the year 2000 will sound like.

And if you feel like some quiet reflection, here's a commentary on taking some time to yourself, some Quiet Time, from the New Yorker.

Well folks, have a good weekend. That's All...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


¡¡Hello friends and lovers!! Despite certain rumors on certain websites, we ARE all still alive. We're crawling out of hibernation and preparing for the BSE. We have been real busy building new toys and going on many adventures gearing up for our next slew of shows. We have a few shows lined up for the summer and have some really big plans for the fall as well.

For right now, these shows are confirmed:

Saturday June 27th 8:00pm-Chicago Snubfest at Chemically Imbalanced Theatre (1420 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago)

Saturday July 25 8:00pm Indianapolis, IN-Music Mill (in the Whammy Bar) 3720 E. 82nd St. with Drew Frees' standup, and brilliant Euro-pop sensations the John Stockton Project .

....and we're planning a big happy party type show with the Puterbaugh Sisters for the end of August, so check back soon. In the mean time, check the calendar, come to Town Hall on Sundays, tip Julia well, and drink as much as your days allow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Time on Clark Street

Hey everybody! Spring is finally here. Sort of. And what says spring in Chicago better than greasy, crispy-haired tools chugging jager bombs on Clark St.?

In case you haven't seen it yet, our friends over at the Lakewood Manor put together this fine portrayal of nightlife on Clark St. Directed by Seth Henrickson and featuring Think Tank's own Kevin and Paul, "What Happens on the Clark Street Stays on the Facebook" has been receiving quite the buzz around town and beyond. It's even been accepted into the music video category by the London International Film Festival! I guess they have a Clark St. in London as well.

Facebook Song: What Happens On The Clark Street (Stays On The Facebook)[Uncensored language-May Not Be Safe For Work] from LMPcomedy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amazing night of Comedy, Music, Art and More THIS FRIDAY!

A one night event a mystical gypsy bar called The Gallery Caberet!

Art Opening at 8pm:
Photography by Macedonian godess, Constance K
Featuring art by Tiffany Puterbaugh, Danielle Puterbaugh,
Scott Free, Paul Sigwerth and Sarah Weiluz

Spectacle show starts at 9pm:

BETH STELLING- A go gal that shoots for the stars!
JAMES FRITZ- He's not just a beard, also a splendid comic!
CHAD BRIGGS- Performs at Rootin, Tootin Riverboat Tours
KEN BARNHARD- Magician, Dancer, Tightrope walker!
PAUL SIGWERTH- He's kinda like a Dali painting!
THINK TANK- Sketch comedy, if God made sketch comedy!
BOBBY AND MARK MINELLI- Sexy Italian Musical Genuis!
DIZZY LIZZY- Circus Acts you can really get a boner to!
DIVISION AND HONORE- Musical Mind Blower!
TGP- Funkadellic Rap Motown Dream Machine!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freakout in Indy

We'll be hosting a night of rock n' roll bands and good times in Indianapolis on March 28th. If you're in the area, come out and dance with us.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lovers and Brothers

Hey all you Lovers and Brothers out there. Looking for something fun to do on Valentine's Day? Don't feel like putting on the suit and the romance? Don't feel like spending all your bailout money on a fancy dinner? Or feel like doing those things, but you'll then be too nervous to close the deal with your valentine? Well come to the special Valentine's Day performance of The Bailout Show at Donny's Skybox. Celebrate or uncelebrate the silly holiday with Think Tank, nudity, glitter, toilet paper and booze! It's also closing night of the show at the skybox! So grab your lover, or your brother, and come on down!
tickets at

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chicago Reader calls The Bailout Show "Fanciful, convulsive, and imaginative"

The Chicago Reader reviewed opening night of The Bailout Show.
"Think Tank's premise begets some of the most bizarre, prop-heavy, high-concept comedy around."
Come see Think Tank attempt, and "fail so spectacularly" to perform a show under the strict regulation of the federal government.

Read the full review here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Website!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Welcome to version 2.0! We here at the headquarters certainly hope you find this site more pleasing and scrumptious than any of our previous efforts. A very special thanks goes to the talented designer Joe Voves. Check him out at
Videos will be added to the media section soon. To get your video fix now, click here.
Merchandise, including a new DVD is also just on the horizon!



All New Show Opens Saturday!

On the verge of bankruptcy, the show is in jeopardy of being called off when news of a bailout package for Think Tank Comedy arrives. This allows the show to go on, but under strict government regulation. What ensues is a sketch comedy show-within-a-show in which "federal guidelines" force the ensemble to plug government-sponsored services, censor material and complete a list of unreasonable tasks under the watchful eyes and ears of their specially assigned Comedy Czar.

Saturdays at Midnight @Donny's Skybox.

Drinks more than likely to follow at Old Town Ale House (on the Bailout package, of course)

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

Think Tank will be performing at the 8th Annual festival THIS THURSDAY January 15, at 9:30pm in the Theatre Building Chicago, South Theatre. Tickets are $12.50.
Think Tank is spending thousands of dollars on this show. Come!