Monday, January 30, 2012

End of January News

Welp, that was a whopper of a month here in Tanktown.  We rocked a sold out headlining slot at Chicago Sketchfest (with the help of 12 illustrious extras), where we showcased some of our best videos and live material.

After Sketchfest, we turned right around and whipped out a 15 minute pilot submission for the New York Television Festival and their contest sponsored by Comedy Central.  It was a lot of work (it felt like finals week over at HQ, and by the end, our brains were fried---especially Peter, who didn't sleep for something like a week), but we got it submitted in the nick of time and are anxiously awaiting to hear the results.  We'll keep you posted!  Here's a sneak preview from our live tapings last summer.  It's a clip of Uncle Snickers, a high school Win, Lose, or Draw coach, who is none too pleased with his team's first half performance.

February is looking promising as well.  We are currently in the process of copyrighting the pilot submission, and once that goes through, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET YOUR HANDS ON A COPY!!!  Stay tuned, we have a lot of fun ideas on how to get it to you!  Also, February's Pistol Party falls on Valentine's Day this year, and we've lined up an awesome show with the Puterbaugh Sisters at the Underground Lounge, for an all new show, "Hey Valentine's Day @#$% YOU!!!"  As always, only $5.

Stay warm and we'll see you soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty Good New Year.

It's a new year and a great time for Think Tank Comedy!!  We just wrapped up an amazing 2012 Chicago Sketchfest with a headlining show on the last Saturday of the festival (stay tuned for some clips from that in the very near future) and now we're turning our attention to bigger and better things in 2012.  We are currently hard at work on our submission for the New York TV Festival Comedy Central Pilot Contest which is due next week.  This is a 15 minute submission, which means we are one step closer to finishing Episode 1 of Misguided TV.

Another great bit of news, the Onion's AV Club named Think Tank one of the best local alternatives for the hit alternative comedy show, Portlandia (that's more alternative than Eddie Vedder playing hacky sack outside of a flannel shop in Seattle).  They were nice enough to compare us to some of our favorite shows, Mr. Show and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, saying "Portlandia fans in search of some Chicago-based absurdity would do well to start here."  Check out the article HEREwhich also features our sisters in comedy, the fabulous Puterbaugh Sisterz, !  In other press news, Chicago music writing demigod, Jim Derogatis, (who also wrote the biography on our heroes, The Flaming Lips) really liked our Doors Online University Video, calling Peter a "video genius" on his website.

Speaking of the Puterbaugh Sisterz, they will be hosting our next Pistol Party on Tuesday, February 14th.  That's right, Valentine's Day!  (How fitting, considering that they are the love of our comedic lives).  Show starts at 8 at the Underground Lounge 952 W. Newport.  As always only $5!

In the meantime, check out our YouTube page for weekly new videos (have you seen Bum Fiddler, Let's Trade Beards, or Will Miles is So Cool?  Because they are all there!).  Just in case you don't believe us, here's the opus, Bum Fiddler:

Thanks for being here!

Brent, Kevin, Paul, and Peter


On twitter: @thinktankcomedy

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Sketchfest

"♫♫ It's the most wonderful time....of the year ♫♫"

But wait, the holidays are over, right?  Of course, but here in Chicago, we have Chicago Sketchfest, which really just extends the whole holiday vibe for 2 more weeks (and pushes those New Year's resolutions back about 2 weeks).  We got an amazing Saturday night slot this year (the 14th) at 11pm.  We are thrilled for this.  GET TICKETS NOW, this one will sell out.  We also have AN ALL NEW PISTOL PARTY THIS TUESDAY, the 10th, at the Underground Lounge at 8pm.  This will be our last tune up before Sketchfest, and a great chance to get a sneak peak of what we're unveiling Saturday.  Pistol Party is $5 as always.  

All of this excitement has put us in a really generous mood, so here's a brand new video a few days early....Bum Fiddler!

Annnnnd since that one was only 26 seconds long, here's an oldie you may have missed, Auntie Thelma's Pt. 3.

Hope to see you this week!  You. Can. Do. It.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year from Think Tank!

Happy New Year from Think Tank!  We hope your resolutions go as well as Brent's did last year...and if you're still looking for some new one's for this year, consider adding "Lying to your friends more" to your list!!