Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello astronauts, angels, and arseholes. We're wrapping up a very busy 2010 and looking forward to a lot more fashion, being trillionaires, baking Muckleberry pies, and tricycle races. We recently just did a show in Lafayette, IN to benefit Aubrey Deno, a 1 year old with leukemia. The night ended up raising over $2000! Keep fighting Aubrey, and if you would like to donate go here:

In future news, just after the new year, we'll be back with Pistol Party in it's 18th installment "Pistol Party is Hung Like an Over," on Tuesday January 4th, which will feature a ton of new fun, prizes, and a lot of cold beer.

We are also lucky enough be be in this year's Chicago Sketchfest, on Thursday, Jan. 13th in the 9:30pm slot. This show will feature a lot of material from Modern Men, so if you missed it last time (what the hell were YOU doing?) or want to see more (you KNOW you miss it) come out. The Puterbaugh Sisters are in the same theater the time-slot before, so come make a night of it.

Below, you'll find some stuff we've been amused by recently, and some more stuff that we were behind. Stay with us. Lots of jingle joy in the new year...

Here's the Puterbaugh's GLITTER PARTY VIDEO (look out for Cappy and Paul in it):

Peter produced and directed this video for his good pal JUD, who is funnier than us:

This is our favorite new video. PERIOD.

This is us (drunkenly) paying tribute to our favorite new video. PERIOD. (We're pretty proud of our efforts):

And finally, this just in, idiots in Minnesota STILL think it's a good idea to have a stadium with a dome:


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