Sunday, June 3, 2012

Muckleberry Kickstarter Rewards Are Coming!!!

Greetings!  It's a very exciting time here at Think Tank HQ.  We are currently putting together a series of events to unveil the first episode of Misguided TV in a big way...stay tuned for news on our Pilot Premiere Party!!!  Aaaand now that we aren't spending every waking minute working on finishing the pilot, we've spent some time thanking the many people who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign.  You were promised meat slaps, and those are coming very soon.  Another thing we promised our backers was a personalized song from our very own Muckleberry Brothers.  Well, we are pleased to announce that the Muckles have been hard at work in their Rainbow Recording Studios and have completed all of the reward songs!  We will be releasing all 20 of these songs in the coming days, and here's a sneak peak of "Cloudy Headed" Carl and "Sleepy" Stanley warming up their powerful pipes at the Rainbow.

Carl/Stanley Warmup #1:

Carl/Stanley Warmup #2:

Stay tuned for all of the Muckleberry personalized songs in all of their glory in the coming days!!!  We also have some big show announcements coming that will feature us collaborating with You, Me, Them, Everyone and some of our favorite Chicago standups!

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