Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Misguided TV @ The Music Box - Pictures, Videos, & More!

Last Wednesday night, close to 100 people packed into the Music Box Theater for the premiere of Misguided TV. It was a night of celebration and laughter, hosted by the tremendously funny Chad Briggs. Here is a little clip of him telling jokes....

Here are some pictures from the evening!

Prior to the pilot episode begining, we played a few additional short videos including this NEW trailer for the movie "Burgled" about some robbers who rob a broke guy. It's based on true events. Enjoy!

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  1. What a fine looking group of young men. I am often shocked to see the youth today wandering about in their slovenly dress with tattoos actually being shown to the public! I am shocked by the taut, tanned skin being shown. I am repelled by the tight, clinging dress. I am nauseated by the display of wanton sexuality. Thank the good Lord that none of these fine boys have any of those repugnant attributes.