Friday, November 16, 2012

OH MY GOD TWINKIES! ...and other news.

Credit to"Luke"... whoever you are.

That's the first image that comes up if you google "dead twinkie." I bet a lot of people are doing things like that today. So, aside from no more twinkies, CIA and FBI agents gettin' their groove on, and Gangnam Style, what else is happening in the news?

Anything new with Think Tank?

Why yes. Yes there is.

This weekend the guys are all taking part in the shooting of a comedy pilot directed by our good friend Alec Pinkston. Alec is the executive producer at the Odd Machine, a recent award-winner at the New York Television and Film Festival, and was MVP of the episode of the Price is Right in which he appeared... at least according to this freak.

The show we're shooting is called "Sick Day" and is sort of a morning show on crack. And speed. And acid. Alec has assembled a cast of many hilarious Chicago comedians and actors to take part in the show. Paul and Kevin will be providing a fashion segment. Brent will be doing investigative reporting. And Peter will be providing doctor's tips on diseases you can use to call in sick to work that day. We're looking forward to a fun, long weekend in the studio.

Sick Day set mid-construction

The 2013 Chicago Sketchfest lineup was just announced and we're glad to be making our 6th appearance at the best sketch comedy festival in the world. Think Tank's show will be January 12th at 6pm on the Thrust stage. Well get you more info on tickets when they go on-sale. We always make a blow-out spectacle of these shows, and this year will be no different.

AND FINALLY, (but most importantly as it's coming up soon and I probably should've put this at the top) we're doing our 3rd Annual Holiday Show To Benefit A Worthy Cause (working title).

For the second year in a row we've chosen the Maebell Ward Foundation, a partner with the Alzheimer's Association and started by our good friend Terron Edmonds. The show will be December 13th at 8pm at Fizz Bar. Keep an eye on our facebook page for an invite and more details about what will be a candy-caney, egg-noggy jingle-belly good time.

OK, thanks for reading. You can go back to mourning your favorite hostess snacks now, gangnam style.

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