Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Think Tank Sketch Revue, "CHASING THE HYPE" Coming in June!!!!

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Think Tank is excited to announce an all new full length sketch comedy revue, Chasing the Hype, at the Den Theatre, Sundays, June 2nd-23rd!  With our trademark style of silly satire and bizarre scenarios, Think Tank pokes fun at America’s obsession with reporting the news as quickly and bombastically as possible. With elements of vaudeville, silent film, and multimedia, Chasing the Hype presents a portrait of reactionary news coverage, along with a crop of scenes designed to poke fun at the sillier aspects of every-day life.

Shows will be at 7:30 at the amazing Den Theatre at 1333 N. Milwaukee, in Wicker Park. There is a fantastic bar in the lobby, so come early, and stay late! YOU CAN NOW BUY TICKETS BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE. There are only four shows so get them early!!! Be sure to like/follow us on facebook and twitter for a chance to win some tickets and/or other prizes!

Also, in case you missed it, we just released a brand spankin' new video "Celebrity Intervention," where "Dave" finds out his TRUE identity. WATCH IT NOW!!!

See you real soon!

Brent, Kevin, Paul, & Peter

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