Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Sketchfest

"♫♫ It's the most wonderful time....of the year ♫♫"

But wait, the holidays are over, right?  Of course, but here in Chicago, we have Chicago Sketchfest, which really just extends the whole holiday vibe for 2 more weeks (and pushes those New Year's resolutions back about 2 weeks).  We got an amazing Saturday night slot this year (the 14th) at 11pm.  We are thrilled for this.  GET TICKETS NOW, this one will sell out.  We also have AN ALL NEW PISTOL PARTY THIS TUESDAY, the 10th, at the Underground Lounge at 8pm.  This will be our last tune up before Sketchfest, and a great chance to get a sneak peak of what we're unveiling Saturday.  Pistol Party is $5 as always.  

All of this excitement has put us in a really generous mood, so here's a brand new video a few days early....Bum Fiddler!

Annnnnd since that one was only 26 seconds long, here's an oldie you may have missed, Auntie Thelma's Pt. 3.

Hope to see you this week!  You. Can. Do. It.

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